The user found the lost password of your old wallet with BTC 75,83


The post on Reddit, a user noted that accidentally discovered the lost password of your old Electrum wallet stored in it 75,83 BTC.

This is the most joyful moment for those who decided to forget about the old investment because the loss of password is not allowed to unlock. This is just a case of a user “Lostpasss” who forgot his password to wallet Electrum in 2015. As he noted on Reddit, it was difficult to realize that this is worth a fortune today, and to fully understand that you can’t imagine how you can now unblock their previously made investments.

A user asked on Reddit with a request to try to obtain advice from other participants to help him with the tools to access the wallet. In the thread a user asked: “How easy it is to crack the password Electrum? Found my wallet in 2015 …” Wallet showed a balance in 75,93 BTC.

The user has noted that he does not save the password information of the purse, and the wife threw it out along with a piece of paper on which it was recorded.

On the forum I couldn’t help, but luckily he managed to find your password on one of the images, which he did once. The updated topic titled “UPDATE: I found my lost password. It was my wallet! I did the lost piece of paper. What do I do with 75.9 BTC? Store? To sell a part?

It turns out that the user found an old photograph of a lost piece of paper on which was written the password and access keys. It is definitely a rare stroke of luck, because now the value of its investments is approximately $ 486 000. This is a great reward for three years spent in the dark.

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