Tokens BNB Binance reached a new high after the announcement of Binance Chain


Own cryptocurrency Binance, tokens BNB, reached a new high, an increase of 81,49% with a minimum goal of $4,19 marked 52 weeks ago. As a result, the tokens of the project is now close to re-testing its historic highs of $24,91 reached 12 January 2018.

BNB is the only crypto to hit its all time high today.

The next in line are down 23 percent from ATH. Quite incredible

— Joseph Young (@iamjosephyoung) April 19, 2019

The price increase was the result of Binance announcements made yesterday, which confirmed that the date of the launch of its core network will be April 23. Exchange also integrates their decentralized exchange to your Ledger. In addition, Binance will allow new projects to launch their tokens on the basis of its blockchain, that will allow them to conduct rounds of the ICO by collecting funds at the BNB.

The long-term prospects BNB

After startup Binance Chain, we are likely to see that BNB will become even more widespread. However, Binance each quarter conducts the buyback and burning their tokens, with the aim of reducing the supply of BNB. Given this, long term prospects look good enough for investors BNB.

In our base scenario, BNB is valued at $106, which gives BNB a total value of 20 billion US dollars, possibly exceeding 15 billion valuation of Binance’s equity. @cz_binance @GBinance Look forward to hearing your comments.

— sk@hashglobal (@skhashglobal1) April 19, 2019

At the time of writing tokens Binance (BNB) traded at $23,89, an increase of 10.69% over the last 24 hours.

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