Tokens project MobileGO (MGO) added to exchanges in BCEX, BitForex and DigiFinex


The project MobileGO stated on the official page that his tokens MGO now added to the listing on major exchanges such as BCEX, BitForex and DigiFinex, making his presence will grow in Asian market.

The coin will be available for trading in pairs ETH/BCEX on MGO, MGO/USDT on BitForex and MGO/BTC on DigiFinex, and in the near future it is expected the appearance of other pairs.

MGO – tokens, created for the development of a new era in the gaming industry, which has already found its place among gamers, being used as a simple and convenient method of payment. It will promote equal matches in the decentralized tournaments for millions of players around the world.

Listing on stock exchanges opens up new perspectives

The inclusion of a token in a list of new exchanges will increase the liquidity of the token that will be a very valuable contribution to the development of the world wide popularity and success MGO. It should be noted that the coin is already included earlier in listing these exchanges like HitBtc and GateCoin and available for trading on them. But the expansion of the adoption Aldona always beneficial to the increase of popularity among users.

As noted by the representatives of the project MobileGO, adding three new crypto currency exchange will be very beneficial for owners of tokens MGO, as further promotion will promote token, as well as increasing its value and attractiveness.

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