Trademark Bitcoin to Wright was issued to brother Pablo Escobar.


It became clear to Craig Wright’s trademark Bitcoin was a registered firm Coin Legal Ltd, a subsidiary of Escobar Inc, which was owned by the brother of the infamous Colombian drug Lord Pablo Escobar, Roberto de jesús Escobar Gaviria (full name).

Document 88055293, Department of patents and trademarks United States is conclusive evidence of the fact that Roberto Escobar was once the main person who signed the application for the trademark Bitcoin.

The trademark office of the United States affirms that the right of ownership to a trademark Bitcoins was once a Coin was Legal Ltd, a company headed by Kiros by Olof Gustafsson, who is also the CEO Escobar Inc. and he signed the trademark application, together with Roberto Escobar.

While Escobar has not made any statements

The application for trademark Bitcoin was filed in July of 2018 — just a month after registering Coin Legal Ltd in the UK. By the time when Craig Wright (also known cryptosuite as Faketoshi) began performing with his own claims to copyright, the company Roberto Escobar already owned it 4 months.

Therefore, for applications Wright a six-month term during which Escobar can dispute this claim.

“In order to avoid refusal of a trademark application of the applicant, the office must receive a full response to this letter within 6 months from the date of dispatch listed below,” reads the document.

Despite already granted the right to trademark Bitcoin, the Directorate of copyright was forced to publish an official statement explaining that the registration of trademark rights does not equal the recognition by the US government of the fact that Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto:

“Registration is a claim for interest in the authorship protected by copyright law, not a definition of the truth claims upon him.”

In fact, as indicated earlier edition Chepicap, anyone who has an extra $55, can register a copyright online.

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