TRIG lost 35% of the cost per hour, and tomorrow is completely deprived of the trading volume


Cryptocurrency Bytecoin (BCN) and Triggers (TRIG), ChatCoin (CHAT) and Iconomi (ICN), are in free fall losing quite heavily in price after the decision of the Binance to delist those coins from the exchange. Until the little damage was observed in Iconomi (ICN).

Today’s decision Binance about delisting has caused massive sale, with tokens, which had the highest rating of the four owned by the Bytecoin project, lost more than 20% of the cost for one hour.

Binance announced that having considered all projects, the tokens which were listed on the stock exchange, they came to the conclusion that these four do not meet the quality standard. The auction will be terminated on 10 October 2018, 10:00 UTC.

Big problems Triggers (TRIG)

Triggers suffered the most, and their price fell by 35% in one hour. ChatCoin ($ 0,017) lost more than 21% since the announcement on Binance. And the 139-m in the rankings Iconomi fell 5%, and this is by far the least injured of the four coin. However, with almost 75% of the trading volume of these tokens on Binance, it is expected that ICN will also fall more significantly.

For a project Triggers delisting will have a global problem, since, according to Coinmarketcap, its tokens were presented only on Binance, TRIG and lose all their trading volume, starting tomorrow.

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