Trojan stealing passwords in addition to the free BTC


On sites that previously offered free Ethereum, now advertised a new scheme, this time offering free Bitcoin. New crypto-fraudulent web site detected today by independent security researchers.

It is free BTC for $5 — $30 a day just for launching the program of Bitcoin Collector. In fact, when it is run on the device the victim is installed or virus, ransomware, or Trojan horse, designed to steal passwords.

This program is also used on fraudulent web sites such as, offering 3 ETH those who are successful will attract 1,000 new visitors.

When you click on advertisements that offer, “earn $15 — $45 in BTC per day “free and automatic” user will be taken to another page where there is a link to download the virus software of the Bitcoin Collector. The term “Safe”, here used, probably in order to convince users of the reliability of the website and to attract more potential victims.

In other words, the user downloads a file with a Trojan that will infect the computer after you have installed and automatically runs a malicious program.

The danger of a new version

In an earlier version, as “free load” was a blackmailer HiddenTear called “Marozka Tear Ransomware,” which gave the following message at startup.

According to a team of security researchers BleepingComputer, latest version is more dangerous, as Trojan horse contained within, is able to steal user passwords for visited websites, take screenshots, access to browser history, stealing files and even wallets cryptocurrency from the infected computer.

Remember that free cheese can be very dangerous, and one click may forever deprive you of cryptocredits, which is especially frustrating when the cryptocurrency market is on the rise, as it is now.

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