Tron can be a privacy coin like Monero


It seems that the Creator of the Tron project, is going to make tokens of your project confidential and to join the Monero cryptocurrency, Verge and zcash for.

It is a statement made Justin San during the interview Bad Crypto Podcast, noting that the technology of Tron is calculated on progress in terms of adoption and development, so implementation of the proof zk-SNARKS are quite real.

Zk-SNARKS is a technology of the use of zero knowledge proof, which allows you to conceal transaction data and send the amount of cryptocurrency. Use of the proof zk-SNARKS gives you the ability to hide all the actions in block network, not showing any owner of the wallet to any third party or parties to the transaction, and all operations on the movement of cryptocurrencies are private and anonymous.

Cryptocurrencies that use zk-SNARKS, provide an opportunity for users to remain closed to outsiders and anonymous, protecting also the number of cryptocurrency transactions.

Users want to keep confidential

Sun Just announced that Tron plans to implement zk-SNARKS somewhere in the first quarter of 2019. In his opinion, confidentiality and anonymity are very important functions in modern society, because the web sites and search engines monetize user data, which significantly reduces the user privacy.

“People don’t want their sensitive data stored in Facebook or Google, because the representatives of different structures can then easily manipulate this data to, for example, to direct advertising. Many do not want to share their data with them. That’s why I think decentralization is a good way to provide privacy and to limit the amount of data that you should disclose.”

During an interview with San also spoke about the delegated proof of bid management, about the impact of blockchain technology in General, and integration with BitTorrent.

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