Tron continues to grow as two new exchanges are added tokens TRX


The Tron project which regularly delights his community with new ads, this time announced that two more of the crypto currency exchange added tokens TRX on their platform this weekend.

The founder of the Tron project, Justin San announced the addition of tokens to the TRX cryptobiina and Despite the fact that both markets are not occupy a leading position in the hierarchy of the rating of cryptomonas, such as Binance, the volume of trade on which the TRX in the last 24 hours was $15.3 million, and they also make certain contribution to the liquidity of the cryptocurrency.

While both exchanges over the last 24 hours total trading volume amounted to only $42 million, adding a TRX means that trade in this coin is now available in over 15 different exchanges.

Recently, the developers of Tron announced that baccana is, on average, 1/3 of daily transaction Ethereum, in other words, the project is gaining momentum against one of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the number of transactions in the network.

The future looks promising for the Tron project, since it continues to grow, focusing on the development of the dApp after acquiring BitTorrent, that opens up many new possibilities.

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