Tron Foundation announced the acquisition of BlockChain.Org


Tron Foundation officially announced the successful completion of the purchase of a domain name Blockchain.Org. Justin San said that Blockchain.Org will a universal aggregator to provide information and reliable platform for search engines.

In his statement, he said:

“This platform will provide a large amount of data for analysis, evaluation of projects, research and other services for users of block networks. Justin also encouraged other members of kriptonyte to participate in creating platforms to facilitate the rapid development of the industry of the blockchain”.

Concentrating on its platform large amounts of data, representatives of the TRON project we hope that they will better understand what the community wants and what you want the overall ecosystem of the blockchain but now and in the future. Visitors will be able to use data analysis to get more information about the various projects that are in the blockchain. will continuously review the needs of the blockchain ecosystem and propose viable solutions.

The future for TRON has obvious prospects

Three factors that will play a key role in the system of data analysis in TRON is the volume, speed and type. As for the volume, then TRON will observe and track what happens on social networks, websites and existing search engines. Then TRON will have to process this data as quickly as possible, to provide accurate and updated information to users Blockchain.Org. Finally, the type of information provided will appear in the form of text, images, pdf, videos, etc.

Tron Foundation also recently acquired the platform file sharing and BitTorrent has a working Mainnet. Was recently released Tron the virtual machine, which should bring the platform to a new level. One of the key objectives of the Tron project is decentralization of the network and its infrastructure. The project has offices in Beijing and San Francisco with plans to expand worldwide.

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