Tron Foundation announced the partnership with NeoWorld


Tron Foundation announced a new partnership with NeoWorld, which is a massively multiplayer online 3D world running on the blockchain.

Three-dimensional virtual world offering players the opportunity to gain valuable social experience with a lot of new game elements, to open new frontiers. Here you can build a career, to wealth, and also fulfill a lot of things that are characteristic of the real world in which we live.

Players can also chat and have fun, to create a professional and personal network, to buy land and build buildings, increasing their value in the NewWorld. Users can also be in the virtual world as avatars.

The tallest skyscraper from Tron

According to the blog post Tron Foundation, the new partnership “will rotate around the entrance in the Tron virtual world NeoWorld, planning to create an exclusive island NeoWorld to strengthen cooperation with the community ecosystem”

The construction of various facilities in NeoWorld is a key element of the game, lifting the prestige in the gaming community, so recently, Tron was built a new high-rise building.

Magnificent skyscraper is now the tallest architectural structure rising on the horizon of the virtual world that provides the performance and remuneration of players.

It is unknown what is the partnership, and whether the representatives of Tron to settle their tokens TRX for the purchase of land or other things in NeoWorld, but while it is known that the calculation of the game is made in a single currency, which are the tokens of the game NeoWorld Cash (NASH). As reported in the technical document draft, NASH is the token on the Ethereum standard ERC223, which is also compatible with ERC20.

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