Tron (TRX) produces tools for developers: TronGrid, TronBox, TronStudio and TronWeb


Lately Tron Foundation produces many announcements about events and new developments implemented by the project team.

One of the most important news is the launch of a new set of tools for developers that will use blockchain Tron. These include: TronGrid, TronBox, TronStudio and TronWeb.

“These tools are designed to help developers to easily integrate innovative ecosystem of DApps in TRON,” — said in an official statement.

Features of the tools

The main purpose TronWeb is to connect developers to the blockchain TRX, through which they will be able to send, to buy, to lock and unlock tokens on the blockchain.

TronBox is an environment that allows developers to create and test smart contracts. Tool functions in the API that was installed by the application TronWeb.

TronStudio is an integrated development environment that is built TVM. It is also important to note that it has a full internal node, and provides a test environment for DApps.

TronGrid performs the same function as the tool Infura on Ethereum. In particular, due to its application developers will have access to the network Tron, and create and run the DApps and smart contracts. The tool also offers a service load balancing and host API.

Tron and the prospects for its latest version

Justin San also said that recently the NASDAQ has mentioned on the review for Tron presentation.

The latest version 3.1 mainnet Tron was launched on 8 October. TVM was also activated and Tron Foundation named my Virtual Machine the beginning of the era of the smart contract.

Justin San also mentioned that the new version of Tron, which is 200 times faster than Ethereum, and less expensive than EOS.

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