Two Russian FSB officer arrested for extortion Bitcoin


Two FSB agent involved in the Scam to Bitcoin extortion suspect was arrested last week a private security service, in the course of the operation to rid Federal agencies of corrupt employees.

According to the report, two employees of the FSB, Sergey Belousov and Alexei Kolbow charged with extortion in the amount of 65 million rubles ($1 million). The most interesting is the point that they are both staff of Department of fight against fraud, which are usually responsible for the investigation of financial crimes, not committing them.

Abuse of power

The pair investigated the case against the Erast Galumov, former Director of the media “news”, accused of fraud, who was arrested last year. Presumably, galumov was a figurehead in the case of fraud, amounting to 43 million rubles, but his team of lawyers constantly reject.

The criminals threatened Galumova, demanding to sign a confession and blackmailed, intending to get $1 million worth of Bitcoin.

The pair also tried to influence family members Galumova, threatening his son Alexander’s arrest and forcing him to leave the country. Kolbow demanded Alexander Galimova 65 million rubles, arguing that he should pay them for the liberation of his father.

Development operations to other branch of the FSB, led to the arrest of extortionists after payment Bitcoin and proof of receipt of funds to the wallet address Kolbow.

Colbow and Belousov admitted his guilt, but it is believed that this extortion was involved 15 people, the investigation against them continues.

Unfortunately, Bitcoin is not the first time attracts agents of law enforcement, not only Russian, but also in other countries, although these people meant to protect its citizens from fraudulent crimes.

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