Ukraine intends to accept the cryptocurrency as a financial instrument


Ukrainian financial regulator can accept cryptocurrency as a financial instrument, equating them to the stock, bills and bonds, reports the edition UNN. This news came from the head of the national Commission on securities and stock market (NKTSBFR), Timur Khromaev.

“Crypto-currencies in a greater degree are financial instruments what means of payment, because more often used for accumulation. These functions are more similar to those that perform actions, bills and bonds. Therefore, we intend to accept the cryptocurrency at the legislative level financial asset and give people the opportunity to invest in it and use as a financial tool,” said Limp.

Additionally, he noted that the same opinion is shared in many countries of Europe, where the attempt to create a regulatory framework for cryptocurrency economy.

Regulators of Ukraine continue to study the cryptocurrency question

According to the head of the securities Commission, the matter was thoroughly investigated by financial regulators of the country in the recent meeting of the Council for financial stability.

“We need to define the basic principles which must be adhered to, to ensure quality changes in legislation, for the development of new cryptostore. It is necessary to create normal conditions for economic development of kryptonyte, to enter tax rules and oversight. Now the Commission, with the assistance of deputies and of the crypto community, is in charge of drafting the new law on crypto-currencies, which is planned to submit for consideration in Parliament this year,” added Limp.

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