Users in a panic: Cryptopia website is not working about 8 hours


The new Zealand stock exchange Cryptopia does not work more than 8 hours, which caused incredible panic among users who suggested that exchange again, been compromised. According to reports on Reddit, the web exchange website does not work about eight hours, and the reason the platform refers to maintenance. But remembering what it was about at the beginning of this year, the exchange hit the headlines, many fear that again there was a security breach.

One user on Reddit said:

“Cryptopia is closed for 8 hours, its again hacked? I woke up this morning to check on Cryptopia, is there any updates on the website about new trading pairs. When I went to the main page Cryptopia, it says: don’t panic! Currently we are in the service. Thank you for your patience, and we apologize for the inconvenience”.

The lack of transparency Angers customers

In addition, a Twitter user under the nickname @IsatuSaristaa, claims that the website is not working for about 48 hours. It is noteworthy that the problem occurs because of a lack of notifications on the social network platform channels on Twitter and Discord.

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The latest update provided by the exchange in its Twitter handle, dates back to 26 April 2019, when the platform notifies the users about the technical maintenance within 1 hour.

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This has led to what some have assumed, or the exchange has been hacked again, or the team refuses to help its clients because of a previous burglary.

Many people are outraged by such behavior of the exchange, poor service and lack of transparency, blaming the low level of professionalism.

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