Uzbekistan creates the country’s first licensed crypto currency exchange


The government of Uzbekistan intends to create the country’s first crypto currency exchange having its authorization to do business with cryptocurrencies.

In this project the sovereign wealth Fund of Uzbekistan (SEF) will visit South Korea this month to participate in the Forum to increase the knowledge about the Blockchain technology.

This is the first time when government officials at the Ministerial level has formed a special team of delegates on the investment to participate in the forum.

The team plans to develop the government programme “digital economic development”, “open-door Policy for the Blockchain” and “Strategy Hub” supported by the President Shavkat Mirzieev. With the aim of positioning the country as the leading nation to promote the blockchain technology, it is planned to create the world’s first “National cryptocurrency exchange”.

Search for investors

In conjunction with the National economic Association “Kor-UZB” (KOBEA), representatives of the SEF created a special stand in the exhibition pavilion at the forum to attract potential investors.

The government of Uzbekistan actively supports the blockchain technologies and cryptocurrency, legalizing internal and external cryptocurrency transactions for private and corporate investors.

“Representatives of Uzbekistan reveal in his presentation, detailed plans to create a national cryptocurrency exchanges and development of the digital economy to find potential partners for future funding of cryptocurrency projects,” said Kim Chul, the head of the Korean Institute KED.

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