Wallets QuadrigaCX was empty – States in the report, the auditor EY


The story of QuadrigaCX has acquired a new turn in the recent third report of the court-appointed auditor Ernst & Young, granted March 1, 2019 to the Supreme court of Nova Scotia.

Unclear situation on the stock exchange began to develop after the CEO and founder of the exchange QuadrigaCX died under mysterious circumstances in India. In accordance with the report, it was revealed six addresses obtained and identified as belonging to QuadrigaCX “cold wallets” where Bitcoins were stored.

Interesting facts report

However, the revelation of the experts of the blockchain and auditor Ernst & Young was quite shocking. The report stated that from April 2014 until approximately April 2018 total residues in identified five Bitcoins in cold wallets varied from zero to maximum, approximately 2776 BTC. The aggregate average balance at the end of last month for a four-year period amounted to approximately 124 BTC. In April 2018, the remaining Bitcoins from “identified the bitcoin wallets” was translated into a specific address, resulting in residues amounted to a value of zero.

With the exception of the Sixth purse, from April 2018 at the data of the cold wallets was not made a single Deposit, except for the last “accidental” shipment of BTC, which was mentioned in the first report.

It’s not the end of the story

The report shows that “after April, 2018, the sixth purse appears to be used to receive Bitcoin from another exchange account and then transfer them to a hot wallet Quadriga.

At the date of the third report, in the sixth purse was not as cryptocurrency, and last transaction with him was initiated on 3 December 2018. The report also stated that the claimant QuadrigaCX was not able to provide any good reasons as to whom was meant transactions that were conducted in April 2018 with five pockets, and who is the owner of the hot wallet, which had forwarded the money from the accounts of QuadrigaCX.

Ernst & Young is conducting its own investigation into the matter, but, in accordance with the latest presented in the statement of facts, it looks more than strange, and very like a Scam.

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