Weiss downgraded the rating EOS because of problems with centralization


Weiss is one of the most reputable rating agencies and their last rating was stunning to EOS.

EOS have recently had a small problem with active pumping of the token, in anticipation of the expected launch event Protocol EOS VM that will allow the blockchain to work 12 times faster and listing on Coinbase. However since EOS dropped more than 20% to its current level.

In addition, the rating Agency Weiss added fuel to the fire, declaring that they downgrade the rating EOS because of problems with centralization, since his last event, last week the command Block.one has made another step in this direction, so they seriously downgraded its technological rating to “-S”.

EOS and its centralization

The problem of centralization EOS has long received wide publicity. Verification transaction is sensed by 21 nodes. Every 126 blocks 21 a validator selects a new representative of the stakeholder, which will produce 6 new units.

The whole ecosystem is basically built on the Underlying arbitration EOS forum (ECAF), where 21 the chosen manufacturer of the blocks awarded with a token EOS, and the process of regular voting means that candidates with enough votes, can replace the current manufacturers units.

In addition, a recent report by research firm AnChain on the blockchain assumes that most users associated with dApps, are actually bots. AnChain studied ten best game apps on EOS and came to the conclusion that they account for 65% of all transactions in the blockchain EOS.

Since its peak in 2019 of $of 8.45, token EOS fell 22% to the current price of $6,57, despite the listing on Coinbase. He dropped to the sixth position, behind Litecoin, which has risen to fourth place.

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