Western Union will not add translations in bitcoin in the near future


Money transfer service Western Union, do not intend to add support for cryptocurrency transactions in the near future, said its head.

CEO of Western Union Co, Hikmet Ersek stated that the global money transfer service in the near future will add the possibility of sending cryptocurrency to your service. Speaking at the meeting of Economic club in new York, head of the largest company in the world to transfer money explained that customers prefer to pay in traditional currency, not the digital money, due to the more widespread acceptance of such assets as cash.

He said:

“Consumers tell us what they want to see for payment. People, in most cases, do not pay for the hospital bills in cryptocurrency”.

Central banks are not willing to give up their positions

Ersek also stressed that Central banks are usually skeptical in relation to cryptocurrencies, which is also one of the reasons not to add to their services to digital assets. Central banks do not want to relinquish control over the local currency, and are not ready to switch to digital or decentralized alternative. He noted that “Nations are built on the flags, constitutions, borders and currencies,” adding that not a single Central Bank, which is a reserve currency, will not relinquish such control.

In December last year, Western Union launched a campaign against transactions intended for the payment of digital currencies on the exchanges, citing internal company rules. One of the messages on Reddit, a user noted that the company reported on the exchange transactions in the crypto currency exchange Kraken, abandoning its implementation as it relates to cryptocurrency, and it is contrary to internal rules.

However, in February Western Union confirmed that they were testing transactions using blockchain Ripple.

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