Who got the title of most slow of crypto currency exchange?


After analyzing the performance and the speed of closing orders on the most popular cryptomeria analysts have come to very interesting conclusions. The study took into account the performance of the most popular among users kryptomere, such Coinbase, Binance, BitMEX, Bitfinex and OKEx.

Analytical studies were conducted on a trading pair with the highest liquidity to more accurately calculate the period required for the delivery and execution of trading orders. Testing was conducted over several weeks on all these exchanges. Analysts were able to establish that for almost all platforms to conduct a warrant must be at least 10 milliseconds.

The highest results were observed in Binance, where the average delay of order execution was at the level of 37.2 milliseconds. Of the total number of warrants of 0.1% was performed in the range of 10 milliseconds, and 1.1% spent more than 1 sec.

However, an outsider among all the exchanges became OKEx.

Recall that the result of a bug in the smart contract batchOverflow, this spring, the fraudsters managed to withdraw from the stock exchange OKEx large number of tokens of the project BeautyChain. Despite the quick response and the suspension of trading, the theft could not have been avoided.

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