Will #Findsatoshi to find Satoshi Nakamoto?


Company #Findsatoshi going to finally find out the identity of the Creator of Bitcoins, known to the community as Satoshi Nakamoto, as reported Bitcoin.com. The campaign has already raised more than $44 000 and is planning to hire private investigators in the carved parts of the world to find out and determine who is this mysterious person or group of people.

A team of enthusiasts looking for Satoshi

The company is headed by Herman Neff, a resident of Estonia, who believes that the future of Bitcoin is extremely important to know the truth, who was behind its creation. This is partly based on the fact that whoever was not a Satoshi, in his hands is a huge number of Bitcoins that can at any time to drastically affect the price of the first cryptocurrencies.

Neff explained:

“We, the fans of cryptocurrencies, and sincerely believe in their ideals, need to know, in whose hands is over 1 million coins and who can overthrow the market over night or completely destroy it.”

The problem is very urgent, but this does not mean that job search will be easy or even possible. Neff plans to raise about $225 000 with the intention to pay investigators from Japan, USA, London and Russia to reveal the truth about Satoshi. To raise funds he uses Russian site Boomstarter.


How successfully will be played this gambit and will be able to or he in the future paid off, is not yet known. To date, the project promises to update the data of your searches every three days, that the community knew that they could find.

As with any project in cryptosphere associated with the fundraiser, there is always a chance that it might be a simple fraud, and if not, then where is the guarantee that the search will not fail.

Although there is a small chance that they would still be able to find Satoshi Nakamoto. We only need to observe the development of events.

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