With Bitfinex receive $189 million in Bitcoin and Ethereum


Bitfinex, which share common owners with stable token Tether (USDT), has not publicly explained the reason for the withdrawal of scriptaction, but soon after both companies faced investigation into potentially missing funds.

As we reported earlier, U.S. attorney General in new York accused Bitfinex to use Tether to cover the estimated gap in funding of $850 million in a reserve account designed to support stable tokens Tether (USDT).

Who prints the money?

The publication reports that the exchange moved about $96 million in Ethereum. It is not clear belong to the wallets, which were transferred, Bitfinex or is it the wallets of customers that withdrawal their money.

20% of the BTC and ETH held by Bitfinex has been withdrawn. Regardless of whether they win the court case , major damage has been done to their business.

— Ran NeuNer (@cryptomanran) April 26, 2019

Bitfinex, categorically denies all allegations of the Prosecutor, claiming that the trading platform and stable tokens are financially stable, and lawsuits contain false statements.

The last move of the withdrawal of large funds from Bitfinex coincide with the messages of the users who claim that they were forced to withdraw large sums of scriptaction as a precaution. Among them are a large investor, Alistair Milne, who confirmed that took more than $1 million

Our withdrawal of >$million of Bitcoin from Bitfinex was completed (with three confirmations) in <90minutes

— Alistair Milne (@alistairmilne) April 26, 2019

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