Work on the scalability of Bitcoin will Bitcoin Optech team


The development team of the Bitcoin network officially announced the establishment of technology groups Bitcoin Operations Technology, abbreviated Bitcoin Optech, which will begin to search for solutions to the problem of scaling BTC.

Non-profit organization Bitcoin Optech support from leading industry players community and group analysts project Chaincode Labs.

In this period of time the attention of the group Bitcoin Optech is focused on finding the optimal technical solutions among the many proposals, such as batch processing transaction SegWit, optimization of the commissions when processing tokens. Each of these proposals has some potential for accelerating the Bitcoin network.

The ambitious goals of the group

Representatives of the Bitcoin Optech has set an ambitious technological goal is to find a solution to the problem of scalability of the Bitcoin network. To this end, they maintain close cooperation with leading specialists of various companies are also using the Bitcoin blockchain. In addition, representatives of the Bitcoin Optech periodically held seminars and conducted a forum where users can get answer to all your questions about Bitcoin’s technical nature.

Team Bitcoin Optech, believes that one of the most optimal solutions for problems with network scalability Bitcoin – Lightning Network. However, the network is still in the testing phase, during which various errors occur. So recently, the network had a glitch, which are not processed any transactions over $200. The problem was in the architecture of the Lightning Network, and at this stage it is still not resolved.

The chain Lightning continued to go through the stage of beta testing, where the developers are actively working on improving the technology which gives the chance to solve the problem of scalability of the blockchain of Bitcoin.

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