XRPL Labs launches mobile app for shop owners for making Ripple


Startup XRPL Labs supported by the division of developers Ripple — Xpring, recently launched a new payment app which will allow a greater number of owners of ecommerce stores and retail outlets quickly and easily accept XRP.

The app currently works on iOS and Android via App Store and Google Play Store called XRPayments.

After launching the app will instantly turn any device on which it is installed, in the system of point of sale (PoS). Then, this PoS system allows retailers to instantly accept XRP as payment.

Weitz Vind, founder XRPL Labs have stated that they intend to submit an application XRPayments for this upcoming event XRP in the Netherlands for public display.

Reportedly, the application has a built-in currency Converter that allows you to use it virtually all in any part of the world. Converter instantly calculates the transfer of Fiat money into XRP.

Other projects XRPL Labs

In its announcement XRPL Labs also informed the community about other future projects. The startup announced about the following three additional future projects, among which:

  1. The creation of a platform that will allow users to access their media on mobile devices, and send and receive XRP.
  2. Mobile safe application to create and manage cold wallets for holders of XRP.
  3. The creation of a decentralized exchange that allows users to trade XRP without intermediaries.

Xpring recently supported XRPL Labs, however, the amount of investments remained unsolved. This is expected to help promote development of a startup for two years.

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